Ways to not feel consumed by cancer

I have just had surgery and been diagnosed stage 3. I feel all consumed, every waking moment…I want to try to be thinking about other things being positive not just wallowing in sadness. Any ideas of how to feel not so consumed…has anyone done mindfulness/meditation? Lockdown is super hard for everyone, if anyone has any ideas I’d be more than grateful 😊



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    Hi Pottercats,

    I can totally relate you how your feeling I know from after my surgery and diagnosis of Stage 3 OC, I felt numb it was like being in a dream. You are consumed by fear and in unknown territory, you will then be advised about your next steps and if having chemo those as well. I did go to meditation classes before my diagnosis and now can bring myself down working on my mind and the breath which I did and still do whenever I feel the need. It was very useful during chemo. There are lots of great apps you can download I use Calm now. The fear & uncertainty I don’t feel ever leaves you however you can learn to control it before it controls you. Our minds love to feed on the negative. I practice Mindfulness daily and look for little blessing everyday like watching the birds in my garden or just sitting listening calming my mind, you can do this also takes time but persevere. There are also trained cancer psychologists who you can see who will give you steps to help deal with the fear & uncertainty . Ask your GP for a referral also OCA has councillors you can talk to as well as the Cancer Council. Together with Covid-19 restrictions it’s very difficult. I know it’s frightening but you will be in good hands you are the only one who can calm your thoughts. I hope this has helped you, like us we will get through this 💕🦋

  • Hi Pottercats please reach out to the Helpline on 1300 660 334 Monday to Friday business hours as our support team consists of nurses, counsellors and health care professionals with significant experience in women's health.  We are here to offer your as much support and information as you need.


  • Thanks so much Pottercats for your post and Chris for your thoughtful response; my name is Hayley and I am a counsellor and support coordinator here at OCA. It is so understandable to feel sadness and overwhelm at this very intense time in your treatment. Many women find it challenging to connect with what is important to them and in touch with other parts of their life which are not connected with cancer, at this time of crisis. Some good questions to ask yourself which might help to find helpful activities can be "what did I enjoy before my diagnosis? Is there any way I can return to some of these interests or activities? What makes me feel calm?". Mindfulness and meditation can also help to stay in the moment as opposed to focusing on the past or future. At the link below you will find information on what mindfulness is and how this can be practiced


    There are also many examples of meditations specifically tailored for people with cancer at this link


    Others may have more ideas on how they have used mindfulness and meditation during their cancer experience; please share if you do! As mentioned above please don't hesitate to contact us for further support. Hayley

  • Some of the things that I have started to do again colouring in, I can spend hours colouring. Reading, cooking, and gardening, walking when I'm up to it hope this helps a bit xx


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