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Hi everyone,

I am glad I have found this forum. I had uterine fibroids so had a hysterectomy but both ovaries were left. That was in 2020. I have issues with severe constipation as I don’t have all of my bowel. I ended up in hospital a few months ago for that issue. I was advised I would have a colonoscopy done. I had the colonoscopy as an out patient 2 weeks ago and I also ended up having that and a colonography. I got the results from my GP today. My colon is fine but my left ovary is bulky and enlarged. I have to have a pelvic ultrasound done this Wednesday. I have goggled ovarian cAncer as I am worried I may have it. My right ovary is fine.

I am 40 years old. I don’t know if ovarian cancer runs in the family as I have never met my mother, she left after I was born. I asked my dad but he didn’t know. My family live in the UK so I have emailed my auntie to ask her.

i read through the symptoms and I have had pain on the left side and have been having lower back pain for a while now. I get fatigued as I have anaemia. I have iron infusions 6 monthly. I am due for one now.

I hope this is the right place to voice my worries.

thank you for reading this.


  • Hi, hi, I know that the fear of not knowing is a real worry, you may have a cyst on the ovary or it maybe ovarian cancer or something else. I presume you’ve had your bloods done did your GP comment on a CA125 marker? . My only advise is don’t Dr Google when I was diagnosed with OC after my surgery the first thing my oncologist asked me was don’t Google and I never have. You have your ultrasound on Wednesday depending on what it shows, you might then be referred to have a MRI., it’s very easy for your imagination to run wild we’re all human I know I did . Ovarian Cancer doesn’t always run in families it didn’t in mine I was a random, try to not stress you will knew soon enough worrying about what it could be will drain you. Please let us know what your scan shows we’re here for you with lots of information and supports for Ovarian Cancer. 🙏🏻🦋


  • Hi,

    this is a worrying time and it doesn't matter how much you try not to worry you just do. I would also like to add to ask your Dr to run a PET/CT scan. This is a test I have every 3 to 6 months pending on what is happening with my treatment.( I have been fighting this disease for 25 1/2 years.) This test puts two types of images together a dye is injected into you and the cancer will show up red. Again I'm not a medical person but speak from person experience of over 25 years. So glad you found this site a great place to come for support. Dr Google is not the best place to go for information, it's attracts all sorts of crazies so best to avoid. Take Care

    Michelle 1811


  • Hi Chris,

    thanks for your input. My GP was just reading the results for the colonoscopy and colongraphy and it was recommended that I have a pelvic ultrasound.

    GP did not mention the blood work or CA125 marker.

  • Hi Michelle,

    thanks for the comment. My GP did not ask for a CT or PET scan.

    GP only went off from what was written in the colonoscopy and colongraphy report which said recommended a pelvic ultrasound.

    I won’t be googling anymore. I know it’s not factual or correct information.. I just panicked and did it.

    I’ll go on Wednesday and wait for the results and see what it says. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for the results.

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