Hello from Nicole

Hello everyone, I have enjoyed reading through the posts and think its about time I should introduce myself. I am 46 years old, maried, was full time employed as an office manager (still trying to do 3-4 days a week depending on how I am feeling), and mum to Jack 7 years. I was diagnosed in May this year with stage 3C ovarian cancer which has spread extensively to bowel, spots on liver, throughout the stomach lining and omentum.

I had been complaining of bowel irregularities for over 12 months and was seeing a naturopath for symptoms of suspected IBS...gee I wish I was better informed back then. I also saw a couple of doctors for similar symptoms and tried different fibre preparations, but in the end just put up with it and put it down to my very busy job and diet.

I have completed 9 weeks of chemo and am booked in next weekend for debulking surgery. There will be at least 9-12 weeks of chemo after surgery too. I have had many conversations with my gyn oncologist and he has made me aware of the possibility of a stoma after the surgery. He has explained that would most likely be for a 6 month period.

I have plenty of support from family and friends, for which I am very thankful and this has helped me to try to stay positive and supported, and they are there too for the down times too. It is just diffuiclut when they do not really understand what you are going through and the anxiety that comes with awaiting surgery or results etc.

I look forward to reading more of everyone elses expericence here and to be able to chat with others who really can understand what you are going through, cheers Nicole x


  • Hi Nicole.

    Many, many (((Hugs))) and only the very best wishes as you move to the next phase of your treatment.



  • Hi Nicole,

    You're almost at the end!  Good luck with your surgery.  I've had 2 stomas, a colostomy and iliostomy so if you have any questions send them my way.  Sometimes it's better talking to someone who has been through to get some real life perspective.


  • Thank you Christine xx

    Nikki, I appreciate your assistance and shall be sure to take you up on that offer should I have any questions. Thank you very much xx

  • Good luck with your surgery Nicole.  I had 8 weeks of chemo, and am just two weeks after surgery, and now another 9 weeks of chemo as I had my first treatment post surgery today.  Such a roller coaster ride we are all on.  The surgery is tough but it will be wonderful for you to have it behind you.  I wish you all the very best.  I am just taking it one step at a time.

  • Good luck Nicole, I hope it all goes smoothly for you. It will be great to have the surgery over, it is tough,but the body is amazing. xx

  • Hi ladies. Thank you all for the lovely messages of support. So nice to know we are not alone in our journeys.  I am on day 2 of being home from surgery. Feeling bit sore but managing pain and just trying to stay as comfortable as possible. Spent 10 days in hospital. Five nights were in ICU also required 4 blood transfusions as haemoglobin levels kept dropping. Surgeons were very happy after 8 hour surgery including radical hysterectomy and 2 bowel resections, (and a few more procedures that I will find out more about at appointment today), removed all the cancer. I am so relieved and so thankful for my amazing medical team. Still have 12 weeks chemo to go but just so blessed to be well on the road to being completely cancer free. Xx

  • Glad to hear you are home and managing your pain.It's sounds like it was a huge and complex operation. Take it easy, get plenty of rest, eat good foods, and use those pain medications when you need to ... It's all temporary, one more step completed. X

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