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  • I only finished my last chemo last week, yet to get my scan, and I had breathlessness too. Just small things like walking to the letterbox or down to feed the chickens, would really take it out of me. My oxygen levels were good too. I also heard it …
  • Hi Ladies, I am wanting to change my facebook profile picture during the month of Feb to promote OC awareness month. Do you have any images/badges that promote Ovarian Cancer Australia and OC awareness month February? I googled some images online bu…
  • Hi ladies. Thank you all for the lovely messages of support. So nice to know we are not alone in our journeys.  I am on day 2 of being home from surgery. Feeling bit sore but managing pain and just trying to stay as comfortable as possible. Spent 10…
  • Great post Nikki! Thank you for sharing. This time next week I will be recovering in hospital. I shall be sure to add to this list too, after my experience, for anyone else who may need the information. Did you have an epidural for pain? I am just …
  • Thank you Christine xx Nikki, I appreciate your assistance and shall be sure to take you up on that offer should I have any questions. Thank you very much xx
  • Hi Rachelt, thank you for the suggestion for the massage mat, I might look into that. I dont mind being on my back in hospital as the beds are surprisingly comforatable and height adjustable both ends where I go, but is a different story at home, es…
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