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    Hi, I was originally diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian/omentum and peritoneal cancer in May 2017. I had 3 treatments of chemo (carboplatin and paclitaxel) then I had a hysterectomy and my omentum removed in August and then another 3 treatments whiich finally finished in October. I was so excited and said goodbye to all the chemo nurses and hoped that I'd never see them again. I then saw  my oncologist for what I thought would be the last time for 6 months (alternating with my surgeon) so I asked what happens from here. She told me that 80% of people with my type of cancer responded to the first round and of them 80% would recur within 6 months! This took the wind out of me, I was thinking more like 5 years.

    Chemo took it's toll on me, I had 2 blood transfusions, 2 infusions of magnesium and a platelets transfusion. Not to mention putting on 12kg from the steroids.

    Due to my other conditions my oncologist kept a close eye on me with blood tests every month and a follow up with her monthly. Since finishing chemo I have done a number of exercise programs including the Cancer Council's Enrich program and I am currently doing Active Survivor twice a week. So I was just starting to feel back to my normal self and everyone was commenting how well I looked, plus my hair had finally grown back enough to have it cut into a style.

    As I said before my oncologist has me see her monthly, so my CA125 was 12 then 13 4 months in a row, then 21 then 35, she told me that that in itself wasn't a problem but we would continue to monitor it. Then just over 3 weeks ago I experienced pain in what I would call my 'Muffin top' area, it wasn't bad pain but continued for a couple of days and then intensified on about the 4th day. I instinctively knew something was wrong so I rang the cancer centre and pulled my appointment with the oncologist forward a few days. I had a blood test and then went to see her hoping that she would tell me I was suffering from a case of Stupidity and Paranoia. My CA125 was 48 and when I told her my symptoms she said that it looked like my cancer might be back! It was a year to the day since I saw her for the first time and 6 1/2 months since finishing chemo.

    I had a PET scan and I have 3 spots 10mm in size near my liver and gallbladder. She said we will do another 6 rounds of just the Carboplatin every 3 weeks depending on my bone marrow and then I would be taking a drug called Olaparib (I'm BRACCA 2 positive) but I don't know what happens from there.